Bread Crumbs: A WorkSync Podcast

Bread Crumbs is the new monthly podcast from WorkSync — focused on the latest, most cutting-edge trends in the HCM, HR, and workforce management spheres. We bring together thought leaders and experts from across industries to discuss what’s new with the workforce, exploring timely topics like employee empowerment, recruitment and retention, technological innovation, and beyond. 

Stay Ahead of Trends

Join us for candid, inspiring conversations about the issues that matter most to today’s businesses and workers. And discover what’s next on the horizon for HCM in the fast-changing, ever-evolving world of work. 


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Latest Podcast Episodes

WorkSync’s own Dave Haering and Joe Thompson sit down to share key insights on the importance of change management... 

Bread Crumbs   •   33 min      Episode 2



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In this special follow-up to Episode 1, learn four key strategies for engaging... 

Bread Crumbs   •   7 min      Episode 1.5

In this special follow-up to Episode 2, Kim Payne walks you through the ADAPT methodology...

Bread Crumbs   •   4 min      Episode 2.5

Jason McGovern, director of business development at WorkSync, sheds light on effective, empowering strategies to...

Bread Crumbs   •   23 min      Episode 1

WorkSync’s Harry Monahan III and Joe Thompson join host Kim Payne to explore the many day-to-day challenges... 

Bread Crumbs   •   27 min      Episode 3

WorkSync’s own in-house expert Beth Baerman sits down with host Kim Payne for a timely Q&A on some of today’s top compliance issues. 

Bread Crumbs   •   27 min      Episode 4

WorkSync’s Keith Richter and Joe Thompson and GT Clocks Commercial Director Ben Lagden join host Kim Payne to explore the benefits and risks of biometric technology.

Bread Crumbs   •   21 min      Episode 5

CTR Maine’s Amy Kudej and Pete Clark sit down with host Kim Payne to explore how providers of software solutions can prioritize customer success, from planning to implementation and beyond. 

Bread Crumbs   •   23 min      Episode 6

Lance Katigbak, general manager of financial wellness benefit company Clair, joins host Kim Payne to discuss the economic insecurity facing today’s workers.

Bread Crumbs   •   15 min      Episode 7